Customer Liens

Menu Path: Customer > Liens



If the lien management component of the application is active, the system will automatically display the information associated with the liens for this account. The user is not able to enter information directly on this window.

Batch ID: When accounts are identified for lien processing a batch ID is assigned. This allows the user to manage lien activity in groups.

Lien Requested: This is the date the lien request was submitted.

Lien Amount: This is the amount requested on the lien.

Filing Number: This is the lien filing number that was returned on the court documents.

Lien File Date: This is the date the lien was officially filed with the court.

Lien Satisfied?: The system will notify the user when the lien has been satisfied. The system considers the lien satisfied when the customerís account balance is zero.

Lien Removal Request: This is the date the lien removal was requested.

Lien Removed: This is the date the lien was removed.

Notes: This field is for any notes the user considers appropriate.