Update Payment Distribution

Menu Path: Setup > Update Payment Distribution



When the customer makes a payment, the system distributes that payment over the charges that are outstanding. If the customer makes a partial payment, the system must know the user’s scheme for distributing the payment over the charges. Establishing the rules for distribution of partial payments is purpose of this function. The user identifies which charges (services, principle, penalty or interest) should be paid in what order. The user gives each type of charge a priority and the system will pay those charges based upon the priority. If more than one charge is assigned the same priority, then the payment will be prorated over those charges based upon the amount due of each charge.

Based upon the priorities, the system will always apply payments, regardless of the age of the transaction.

Billing Group: From the list provided, select the billing group of interest.

Service Code: This is a display field only.

Description: This is a display field only.

Penalty: This is a display field only and indicates whether the transaction type is principle (none), penalty or interest.

Priority: Enter the priority for each of the transaction types. To display the transaction types in priority order, use the ‘sort ascending’ on the short menu.