GL Accounts

Menu Path: Administration > GL Accounts

Even though the system does not have a formal general ledger component, every transaction is assigned the appropriate debit and credit general ledger account. These accounts are assigned through the transaction codes. The user must enter the appropriate account number for the cash account, accounts receivable account, and revenue account for each transaction type. The account numbers should match the general account numbers used in the general ledger application.


Account Number: Enter an account number. The system will accept any format for the number, including alphabetic characters and dashes (-),

Account Name: Enter the name of the account. The system will display the name when the account number is referenced.

Account Type: The system has the capability of interfacing with third-party general ledger applications. Some of these third-party applications have unique import requirements. Select the account type from the list provided. In most instances, <none> will be the option selected.