Owner / Bill To

Menu Path: Administration > Owner/Bill To

This table maintains a listing of alternate addresses that can be used for billing addresses or owner addresses. These records are referenced on the customer record. The advantage is two-fold. First, this joins accounts for a specific owner, and second, if the owner changes any critical address information, the user needs to change the address only once, no matter how many accounts are referenced.


Bill To Number: Enter the owner number for this record. If the field is left blank, the system will automatically assign the next available number.

Alpha: If the owner is an individual, enter the last name of the owner. If the owner is a company, then enter the first fifteen characters of the company’s name.

Name: Enter the owner’s name.

Address: Enter the owner’s full mailing address.

City, State, Zip: Enter the owner’s city, state and zip code.

Phone Number: (Optional) Enter the owner’s telephone number.

Fax Number: (Optional) Enter the owner’s fax telephone number.

Email Address: (Optional) Enter the owner’s email address.

Print Bill for Owner? The system will prepare a bill for the owner as part of the batch billing process based upon the following selection:

Address Scrubbed? If this box is checked, the address has been scrubbed using a CASS certified process.

Hand Sort? If this box is checked, the system will include the bill in the hand sort section of the bill run. Even if the address has been scrubbed it will be included in the Hand Sort section.