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The MasterTrak© General Ledger application provides a place where all accounting data is consolidated.  A complete audit trail is maintained using a detail record for each debit and credit by fiscal month and year.   Each accounting application generates distributions based upon the type of transaction being processed.   The source application and the type of originating transaction are stored to identify  the distributions.  General ledger activity can be audited by Account, source application, source transaction type and individual debit or credit. 

The General Ledger application supports standard reporting such as the Trial Balance, Monthly General Ledger and Year to Date Ledger.  In addition a flexible user defined financial statement generator is provided enabling the user to design Balance Sheet, Income/Expense, Cash Flow and Comparative Period statements.  Overhead allocations may be applied and included in the statements.


General Capabilities


User Defined Financial Statements                    Detail transactions                                 Multiple budgets

Allocation to Financial Statements                     Divisions and Departments                    Reversing Entries

Post future and prior periods                             Supports Fund Accounting                    Recurring Entries

Audit by Account                                             Audit by Source application                  Audit by Source

            Audit by Detailed Transaction                           Fund/Div/Dept/Program optional           Variable Fiscal Year Start


Master Files and Transaction Entry


            Chart of Accounts                                            Account Budgets                                  Account Allocations                  Funds Master                                                   Division Master                                    Department Master

            Program Master                                               Recurring Journal Entries                       Statement Master                     Statement Detail                                               Statement Print/Column Definitions        Statement Notes          

            Journal Entry Transactions





            General Ledger MTD/YTD


            Detail Distributions MTD/YTD


            Trial Balance by Period


            Transaction Detail Scan/List


Financial Statements


Trial Balance for Allocations


            Journal Entry Journal