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MasterTrak© software is designed to provide many features and capabilities to enable improved management of the organization’s database.  Important amount these features and capabilities are:


·        MasterTrak© operates seamlessly on Windows95™, Windows NT™ Windows98™ and Windows2000™ as well as on Networks using Windows NT™ or Novell Networking.

·        All applications in MasterTrak© are menu driven providing the user with a simple and direct interface with the various system operations.

·        MasterTrak© provides a standard user interface for data entry and report printing. This standard interface enables cross training of operators between applications.

·        Extensive use of dropdown boxes and scan forms to assist the user in entering data into the MasterTrak© applications.

·        Where applicable, drill-down capabilities exist to assist the user in entering missing data or editing incorrect data.

·        Extensive edit checking is provided to assure that the operator is entering the appropriate data.

·        On-line help is provided, both to describe the data fields and to provide procedures to assist the operator in performing required tasks.

·        Interface with Spreadsheets such as Excel™ using the standard report preparation interface.  This enables the data from any report in the system to be transferred to a spreadsheet.

·        Interface with Word™ and WordPerfect™ word processing systems for the preparation of personalized letters.

·        The entire system as well as each application and or process may be password controlled to provide security.

·        The user can exercise control over the output of reports by changing the sort and record selection criteria for each report.

·        All transaction data is kept at the detail level, with procedures for summarizing provided where appropriate.

·        Detail reporting with selection criteria for the various fields is available to enable user inquiry into the database.

·        All transactions are entered and processed by User Batch.  This enables multiple users of a given application to control their entries.

·        The user can use special filtering procedures to find data in a field or table that matches certain criteria. 



Various reporting capabilities are built into the MasterTrak© software.  Most reports and lists provide the capability to:

·        Direct the output to preview or selected printers.

·        Enter selection criteria to limit the records being printed.

·        choose detail or summary presentation.

·        Assign a subheading note to print on report.

·        Print summary totals only.

·        Direct interface to Excel.

·        Print the selection criteria used on the report.

·        Each User can save selection criteria as default.