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The MasterTrak Inventory application is designed to provide the Contractor, Distributor or Manufacturer with a powerful tool to manage and control inventory and associated costs. The MasterTrak inventory application is appropriate for use in a multiple warehouse environment to maintain the on hand status, usage history and associated costs for the parts and products being used by the organization.

MasterTrak is barcode enabled to allow for the use of a portable reader or readers to assist in the receipt of inventory, requisitioning of parts for job completion and the shipment of parts to customers or job sites.



General Capabilities


Barcode enabled Product/Vendor records Multiple warehouses

Average, Last and Std Cost Reorder point and quantity Detail transactions by part

Allows for Serialized parts Linked to Job Cost Costing by Warehouse

Product Category Groups G/L Accounts by Product Class Multiple Stocking factors.

Bin Locations by Warehouse Physical Inventory Procedures Source Codes

Tool Control Tool charging to Jobs


Master Files and Transaction Entry


Product Master Warehouse Master Product by Warehouse

Product by Vendor Product Class Product Categories

Open Requisitions Receipt Batches Requisition Batches

Warehouse/Product Transfers Cost Adjustment Batches Quantity Adjustment Batches



Stock Status Inventory Value


Bin Labels Product Inflation


G/L Distributions Product Cost/Pricing


Product Sales Analysis Detail Product Activity


Reorder Analysis Products by Class


Products by Category