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MemberTrak© is designed to provide an organization with a tool for tracking groups, youth members and adult members.  Groups and individuals are registered on an annual basis with multiple Group registrations creating transactions.  Groups may be added or the information updated with each registration.  Adults/Youth are registered with the Group/Group and they may be added or the demographic data updated during the registration process.  

The application allows for the grouping of registrations by Group by Registration Area and Service Unit.  Groups may be assigned to various predefined age levels.  The persons holding leadership positions in the Group are identified.




General Capabilities


Group demographic data                      Adult Member demographics                            Youth demographics

Registration Area demographics            Report Code/Service Unit demographics           Disability statistics

Ethnic Statistics                                     School District Data and enrollment                   Export/Import data

Leadership positions by Individual         Dues tracking/interface to General Ledger         Adult Employer data

Parent Employer data                           Meeting locations                                              Group Sponsor data


Master Files and Transaction Entry


Group/Group Master                            Registration Area Master                                  Area/Service Unit

Adult/Youth Members                          Group/Group Registration history                      Position codes

School Master                                      Title Codes                                                       Occupation Codes

Employer Master                                  Member Positions                                             United Way areas Group Registrations                                         Member Registrations




Groups by Area/Service Unit


Group Roster              


Membership Lists


            Enrollment by School District


            Enrollment by School Grade


Enrollment by Registration Area


            Group/Area Summary Statistics


Mailing Labels