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The MasterTrak© Payroll Processing application provides a tool to enable the preparation, management and control of the organization payroll.  This application allows the user to maintain master records for employees, assign earnings and deductions to employees, enter time cards, process the payroll by pay period, print a payroll register and print payroll checks.

 The payroll application maintains a history by employee and pay ending date of all earnings and deductions.  In addition appropriate entries to the General Ledger and Job Cost are made.  At the end of the month, quarter and year, reports on the status of employee’s tax, FICA, Unemployment and Workman’s compensation can be printed.  Annuity and deduction records may also be established to allow for the reduction of taxable gross for 401K or cafeteria benefits programs.  Accruals for vacation and sick time can be established for each employee.


General Capabilities


Unlimited earnings categories                Multiple rates                                        Package rates by job

            Unlimited deductions                             Employer contributions                         Job burden rates

            Tax Tables for Federal/State                 Print Checks                                         Employee Check History

            Link to Job Cost                                   Non tax earnings supported                  Print W-2’s

            Multiple pay periods open                     Manual check override                         Payroll Register

            Check Reconciliation                            Direct Deposit                                      Recurring Time Entry


Master Files and Transaction Entry


            Employee                                             Earnings                                               Deductions

            Accruals                                               Annuities                                              Employee Earnings

            Employee Deductions                           Employee Annuities                              Employee Accruals

            State Insurance (Work Comp)              Time Entry Batches                               Manual Deduction Batches

            Manual Check Batches                         Expense/Advance Batches                    Recurring Time Cards





Payroll Register            Certified Register


            MTD GL Distributions  Transaction Journals


            Earnings Summary        Deduction Summary


            Union Reporting           Labor Summary by Job


            Monthly Report            Quarterly Report


Year End Report          W-2 Audit and W-2’s


Employee Check History