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ProductTrakİ is designed to provide the Not for Profit Organization with a tool for managing and tracking Product sales used for fund raising.   Up to 15 products many be sold in up to 2 types of sales annually.  Sales are entered by Group with the ability to process multiple orders for a given group.  The total amount receivable from the group is maintained and a transaction is established for each order placed or payment received.  Various reports that summarize the orders and revenue may be printed. 

A total area order can be placed with the vendor providing the product.  Delivery stations can be assigned to each order or by area or district to deliver  the product.  When the sale is complete, incentives based upon the group sales can be ordered and delivered to the group.  Balance Due and product sales history reports can be printed by Group and District.


General Capabilities


Linked to Membership files                   Allows up to 15 products                      Multiple Sales per Year

Multiple orders per Group                    Assign Delivery Stations                        Allows entry of incentives

Order transaction history                       Payment transaction history                   Group balance per sale

Barcode enabled                                  Cash Drawer at counter                        Revenue by Order

Variable product pricing/cost                User enters product names



Master Files and Transaction Entry


Product Sales Parameters                     Incentive Parameters                             Delivery Stations

Orders for each sale                             Group sales transactions per sale          






Group Orders               Total Organization


Area Sales                    Service Unit Sales


Sales by product           Group Balance Due


Sales Journal                GL Distributions


Incentives Earned         Bonus Earned