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CertificationTrak© is designed to provide an organization with a tool for tracking membership training and certification.  Training courses to be operated by the organization are established to train members for specific leadership positions.  These training courses may be limited in capacity and may require a payment from the members for enrollment. Training courses are established, and locations are selected for the various sections of the training to be offered.  Individuals are registered to the training sessions, given that enough capacity exists.  Confirmation of enrollment in a session is sent to each registered trainee.  A training history is maintained to track the individual certification status.



General Capabilities


Linked to Membership files                   Maintains Training course Capacity       Course/Locations maintained Creates Receivable for Training                         Registration transaction history              Payment transaction history

Maintains prerequisites                          Training enrollment rates optional          Certification codes available

Confirmations printed                            Directions to Course Location


Master Files and Transaction Entry


Course Master                                     Session Master                                     Location Master

Certifications                                        Certification requirements                      Individual Registrations

Individual Training transactions              Individual Training Tuition                     Individual Training Payments

Individual Training History






Confirmation Letters                 Course Rosters


Training Course Revenue          Course Balance Due


Individual Transcript                 Certification


Training Schedule                     Labels


G/L Distributions